Do you want a portrait photo shoot for a refresh of your LinkedIn page or even for your website? See below how our meeting will go and the experience we can create together. 
The photo session typically lasts up to 90 minutes. We take the photos in the studio against white, gray, and black backgrounds. Feel free to take a look at the sample pictures below to get a better idea of what to expect.
We will also be taking photos at the Mobexpert Office showroom in Pipera, where my studio is located. I'll help you find the perfect frame for your photos, and you can also use the photos for a longer period. I suggest preparing 2-3 outfits for the same reason, so you can post them in different contexts over a longer period of time.
In the 90 minutes we will take between 300 and 900 photos, which you will receive. Below you can find the albums from two photo shoots. It's much easier to figure out what the final result will look like. Just click on the photo shoot with Mihaela or Costin.
What's next? Please select 10 photos for a detailed skin retouching, as mentioned in the images below. You are welcome to choose multiple photos. It's important to note that each retouched photo will be charged at 25 euros per picture. 

Now, for the photo session quote, it is 430 euros. 
This offer is also applicable for groups of up to 10 individuals. The session duration is set at 90 minutes. If you feel that the proposed time is insufficient, you can extend it for an additional cost of 150 euros for every extra 30 minutes. With the extension, you will also receive 3 more final photos edited in Photoshop.

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